• Southern Park

    Taman Selatan is situated within Precinct 20 on the southern boundary of Putrajaya. It has been developed as the green gateway from the south of Putrajaya incorporating cemeteries for Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and Christians.

    Facilities Provided

    • Burial grounds for Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus.
    • Muslim prayer hall (Musalla)
    • Crematorium
    • Religious Pavilions
    • Staff Housing
    • Administration Building
    • Memorial Centre housing a Memorial Wall and Exhibition Area

    For more information about Muslims Burial grounds, please contact officer incharge as follows: -

    Telephone No (the case of death):

    1.Mohammad bin Salleh019-601 1686
    2.Asrol Hafiz bin Zainal017-480 2410
    3.Mohd Nasir bin Mohd Yusof016-370 6931
    4.Khairul Faizy bin Jaapar019-359 6716
    5.Ahmad Faizal bin Johari012-687 2500
    1.Muslims burial719 casessetakat 16 Dis 2013
    2.The use of funeral van407 times
    3.Christians burial2 cases
    4.Hindus burial2 cases
    5.Buddhist burial1 cases
    6.Cremation195 times